CBD Oil & the DEA

In mid-December 2016, the DEA announced their decision to make the marijuana extract of CBD oil a Schedule 1 drug. Although it isn't really an entirely new legislative shift, and rather a more specific definition of where the DEA's stance lies when it comes to all extracts from marijuana, this change has sparked a huge debate within the industry. 

Many who suffer from depression, cancer, epilepsy, and many more afflictions have an understandably strong reaction to the DEA's announcement. Being that CBD (cannabidiol), is a non-psychoactive chemical compound (i.e. it won't get you high), but rather has been shown to help treat pain, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, spasticity, Alzheimer's, and a plethora of other illnesses, this recent move by the DEA has many people concerned. 

The (slight) silver lining to their announcement is that because marijuana (and its byproducts) have already been illegal federally for many years, it remains largely in each state's hands to decide exactly what the best course of action will be. Several petitions have sprung up to try to combat the DEA's decision, and if interested in supporting the cause, we recommend this one which supports the removal of cannabis (as a whole) from Controlled Substance Act scheduling, and this one, which is focused specifically on CBD. 

Bonnie Sherr