Company Updates

We here at Humboldt Brand have been busy lately, with the fall season and consequent harvest, the passing of Prop 64, and making all the necessary arrangements to get the company up and running. Humboldt Brand was formed out of the need to proactively respond to the changing regulatory requirements of the cannabis industry, and we're very proud of the high quality and wide range of services we offer. In October we began getting the word out about our offerings to growers and concentrate manufacturers, and we've been really pleased with the response we've received as new clients continue to sign up.

Our new website went live on November 1, which was launched along with our supporting Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you're not already following us, make sure to do so, as we'll be offering weekly updates, industry news, and more!

We have completed all of the necessary company setup, including the establishment of seven different corporations to support the business needs of micro-growers in Humboldt County. We've also finished streamlining our accounting department, bringing Donna Chase onboard as our resident accountant, and completing banking setup for three of our affiliate companies.

We entered into a partnership with CWAnalytics to handle the testing of our products, and were lucky enough to be brought onboard early as our pricing with them was very low (a benefit we pass along to our clients as well). CWAnalytics has been wonderful to work with so far, and we look forward to a lasting partnership with their team. 

In early December we began packaging flowers and concentrates, and sending them out to our partner dispensaries. We're proud to announce that in many of these dispensaries we're the first vendor to bring tested products in branded packaging. Many are still buying untested bulk products, which will be phased out completely by Jan 1, 2018 when the new laws go into effect. 

We recently began a partnership with KIND Financial, and will be utilizing their seed-to-sale software (Agrisoft). KIND partnered with Microsoft, and we're pleased to see a mainstream company like them choosing to become involved in the cannabis industry. We've entered into a long-term contract with KIND, and received a large discount by prepaying our fees, marking another discount we're happy to pass along to our members. Currently we're working to set up the Agrisoft program for our producers, and over the next year we'll be continuing to streamline this process. 

Our final project still left in the works is implementing the Cloud-based filing system we'll be offering to our growers to help track files and records. In early 2017 this portal will be completed and operational. For the growers already partnering with us, we'll be contacting you with login credentials. If you're considering becoming part of the Humboldt Brand family and you'd like a demo, let us know!

We're really proud of the huge strides we've made in the last few months, and as our member list grows we're only going to continue to pick up steam. If you're interested in joining the Humboldt Brand team, get in touch with us today!