Leaked Emails Show the NFL Pushed Prescription Opioids While Banning Cannabis

Even before the Super Bowl occurred this last Sunday, the NFL had landed themselves in hot water once again after emails were leaked that show an agenda to ban cannabis and heavily push prescription opioids. This conspiracy comes at a particularly terrible time for the NFL, as this season saw many players and coaches speaking out against harsh penalties for players caught using cannabis. 

The emails in question began in 2010 and were sent between officials from the Falcons. The correspondence shows that in 2009 the Falcons spent "$81,000 on prescriptions for medications for players" which is almost three times the league average. 

With the current epidemic of prescription painkiller misuse, this string of emails comes at a particularly eyebrow-raising time. Even as cannabis use has become more mainstream, the NFL has refused to lessen the penalties for marijuana usage. Hopefully with the new research being conducted that supports the cannabis industry and proves that marijuana is a vastly safer option than prescription pills, the NFL will soon understand the potential benefits, and lessen cannabis restrictions. 

Bonnie Sherr