THC in Blood Doesn't Impair Driving

AAA, the traffic safety foundation, has conducted a study that has shows current testing conducted on drivers under the influence of THC is seriously flawed. With the current technology being utilized, drivers who are sober can still be at risk of being arrested for ingesting cannabis up to a week prior. Wherever you fall on this issue, it's very clear that a new, different set of tests need to be implemented that would allow for better accuracy. 

As reported by Green Rush Daily, NYU professor Mark A.R. Kleiman explained "A law against driving with THC in your bloodstream is not a law you can know you are obeying except by never smoking marijuana or never driving."

With more and more states beginning to legalize cannabis, it's clear that if restricting drivers from ingesting THC is a policy that's to continue, law enforcement will need to come up with a better way to measure who is truly impaired. 


Bonnie Sherr